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Previously, Dolphins had fired the team’s head coach Joe-Philbin and the defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle. But the agent owner coach Dan Campbell did not have the ability to reverse the situation, and the team swallowed four defeats in the past 5 games, and the record slipped to 4 wins and 7 losses.

According to NFL rules, Boss cannot be traded in this season. If he still has no contract on August 9, lightning cannot trade his ownership to other teams. If the Bosa is still signed, he can sign a removal with the lightning in the first day of the 2017 draft.

The third week of the Best Technical Group Players: Philadelphia Eagle Balls Backcropers / Run Darren Sproles, this running 89 yards back to the Eagle is the first season of the season The essential. This is the second long abandonment of the eagle. Sprtrols also achieved a shower to reach, becoming the only 15 times of NFL history to achieve more than 15 rushing balls (17 times), 25 times the ball reached (27 times) and 5 times to discard the kick attack Dallast (6 times) players.

Dolphin Dismount Offensor Coordinator LagoAfter 20-38, after the New York jet, Miami dolphins announced on Monday on the local time, and the team offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. The original quarter-saving coach Zach Taylor will lead this to the outstanding offensive group in the rest of this season.

The struggle of Ryan Tannehill is the cause of the team’s failure. His passage success rate is slightly higher than 60%, which is never organized to organize the team’s attack. Lazzol was previously helped Tanny Hihiridaled a large contract with a $ 96 million worth of $ 96 million. Lazzo has experienced rich in four-point guards, and once in the Oregon University and Philadelphia eagle to follow Qip Kelly for many years. His arrival once helped Tanny Hill growth, but he also affected the team’s attack on the four-dimensional excessive dependence. According to relevant people, Razol left the important reason is his despotection of the ground attack.

Explore Dai Xi Joe – Boss and Lightning Contract Distribution UpgradeOn Wednesday, after the exploration of the “best offer” refused to accept the team’s “best offer”, San Diego lightning announced that they had withdrawn quotes, which may cause Boba in the expected future absent. Training and competition.

Ramar Jackson still wants crow to sign Antonio – BrownAntonio Brown has recently demonstrated his own feelings. First shout himself, I don’t want to play, and immediately repent the next day, I hope to get a play opportunity again.

Jackson said: “He is a good person, very simple. He is very enthusiastic about rugby, you can see & hellip; & hellip; he is ready to prepare. We will raise the iron before training, run the route, I will still come to the iron. I feel that he will never stop. “

Baldwin said: “I am very excited about the confidence. They are all one of the best corners of the league. For me, this is a challenge, I want to do better. Brownner may be the body in the affiliate The best condition of the condition, Rewick has been calm and can always make the right judgment. I will seize this opportunity to prove my strength. “

Lightning is in the statement that they offer this offer to Bossa on Tuesday, including: 1. Preliminary signing bonus is the most in the past two NFL dragons; 2.2016 In this year’s rookie is second only to Philadelphia Eagle Carson Wentz; 3. Since the 2011 new labor agreement promulgated, the first calendar year has a maximum number of signature bonuses, which is also the largest player.

Pirates new coach Arians: Winston will focus on the construction teamOf Demis – Winston (Jameis Winston), to accept Bruce – Arians (Bruce Arians) guidance, could be his last chance to save his career up.

Sea Eagle takes over Bao De Tong: I will challenge RewisOn the media day held on Tuesday on Tuesday, the Seattle Eagle Name External Terrace – Baldwin revealed in the interview, they have made it a good job in the new England Patriots Corner combination Durrer Revis ( Darrelle Revis is prepared by Brandon – Brandon Browner.

Rogers defeated 35 passes in the Monday Night Tournament in the team 38-28 successfully obtained 333 yards 5 times. Due to the outstanding play of Rogers, the game is more in a state in which the competition is more than the score. This is the first week of Rogers 13th get the best players in Brett Favre (12 times).

Baldwin reveals that it is not easy to challenge Rewis, but he is ready to prepare for him. Baldway said: “I am going to go to & lsquo; Rewis Island & Rsquo; I have a good vacation, I have prepared sunscreen, umbrellas and hats. I will see if there is anything I can do, after the game Will tell you my feelings. “

Rogers became the third player who didn’t pass the 5 times in Monday Nights. There was no passage of the game. It was this achievement that this achievement is the Ben Roethlisberger and Dru-Bris ( Drew Brees. He has also extended the record of his home contest without passing. He is currently not being copied 486 times in the game in the home competition.


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