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At present, the 9 wins and 1 negative patriots will need Gronoski. The team’s four-point Wei Tom Braddy expressed dissatisfaction with the offensive group after 17-10 defending the fee. Gronoski said that he would enjoy the retirement life, but it also pays close attention to the old game.

The Wall this season misses 4 times, the additional shooting door is the most alliance, and he still has 4 anygs of shooting. Of course, his trouble from last season’s playoffs in the playoffs in the season, 27 yards, orchically, the Haiying 10-9 will start.

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapople, Tom Pelissero reported that the Newton foot injury is heavier according to the infantry news, and it is not possible to determine whether it will participate in the fall against Arizona red. Tits the game.

“I won’t say & lsquo; never return & rsquo;” Gronosky said on Tuesday. “I am 30 years old, I am still young. I still stay healthy, still watching the game at any time, still enjoy the game. I feel very good, but I have to take a rest for 1 year. Perhaps rest for 2 years.”

In the first two games in the season, Newton’s pass is often a thousand miles away. It is worth noting that the Black Panther did not ask him to use a mushroom attack as in the past. In 2 games, Newton is only 5 times, and the number of codes obtained is negative.

Some provisions have been questioned by multiple players, including Richard Sherman. Sherman said in prohibiting the interaction of both players: “This example is the perfect epitomes of NFL ideas. Players can participate in completely touching competitions and guarantee safety. But they exchange jersey after the game is not safe.”

“Not all young quarters can come to a team that has been stronger,” Mahms said, “Under normal circumstances, the team needs to surround the young quarter-saving team, the process is generally smashed But for me, this team has already got a lot of victory, gathered a lot of hard weapons, which reduced a lot of work for my work, easier to complete the wonderful advancement. I will have a wonderful performance with these teammates. “

Newton has accepted the shoulder surgery during the offset season, injured in the middle of the season. He looks very uncomfortable in the first two weeks of the season. The increasing foot injury may explain why he is poor in these two games.

In the game, Viking is once a 20-point, but then the Walsh kicks the Dianda in the end of the half, which makes the red skin only at 14-20, and the gap between the score can be pulled backwards. This is just the latest in Wallshi’s more concern.

Emirates: the talents of teammates reduce the burdenBeijing July 24th, the emirate, Andy Reid, he won’t “kill” the possibility of Patrick Mahomes, even if he is adapting to the first process. “I have encountered many difficulties”.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapoport also said the coach and player of the field will not need to wear masks, but other competition staff in the bench area will be demanded. Any person who can enter the bench area must receive body temperature monitoring, any body temperature exceeds Father’s 100.4 degrees (38 degrees Celsius) or people who have contacted new crown pneumonia will enter the stadium.

In addition to Mahmus, running Kareem Hunt, Exterior hand Tyrek, Sammy Watkins and near-end Travis Kelce is likely to have around the game. Mahms said that although he still adapts to the starting work, the chief has an opportunity to “become a unique strong attack group.”

NFL issues a game daily epidemic prevention provision will prohibit players from exchangeless jerseyDue to the influence of the epidemic, this year’s cheap Nfl jerseys from china game day experience will be different from last year. The NFL and the players will jointly issue a game daily epidemic prevention provision on Wednesday.

We have seen a warning letter from the Alliance in the Houston Texas. One of which is concerned about safety: “Don’t leave the hotel”, followed by a “All expensive jewels stay at home” Don’t bring a lot cash.

The second part of the warning letter is about health and performance, in which it writes only bottled water, avoiding ice cubes, especially labeled the goods, only eat food in the restaurant, don’t call room service in the room “” It is unable to eat anything outside the team. “

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the team members will be banned from 6 feet (approximately 1.83 meters) in the contest, and the player will not be Exchange the jersey after the game.

Previously, Gronosky announced that he would hold a business nature in South Florida, named “Gronard Beach”. His words may let the patriot fans re-ignited his hopes of return to the team this year. If he is still planned to return this season, according to NFL rules, he must do this before November 30.


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