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Marty Hurney, General Manager of Black Panther, said: “Eric is able to maintain a high level of performance in the alliance’s first security, all career. In Darnris Sercy is placed in injury reserves After the list, Ron Rivera and I explored possible outlines, Eric is our most preferred. He is a strong healthy, playing skills, but also the security guards of important defensive tasks. “

“My own life goal never changed, I fell in love with the football game when I was 7 years old. I have been obsessed later. I have learned a thing in the past two years: insight is very important. If your thinking is right, from A It is not difficult to get to the B point. Although this is a small setback, I will get more brave. I am very determination. Thanks to everyone who supports me, knowing that I am working hard. “

Best line of retiring, Robertson car accident

Former cheap nfl jerseys from china players who have been selected for the best lineup, 69-year-old Line Aisia – “Butcher” – Robertson (ISIAH “Butch” Robertson) was in a car accident in the southeast of Dallas on Thursday night, unfortunately.

Bill taken Harvin looks forward to playing the next game

Percy Harvin is just a 21st armed attack in the first show of the season two weeks ago. After the hollow week, Harvin believes that he has played in the next game against Cincinnati.

Eric is 26 years old this year, has passed the security, slot guard, and no-ball linebacker, responsible for the central defensive) and side guards, each position has hit at least 100 files. Since his career, Reid started 69 regular matches, completed 375 hugs, 10 copies, 34 times destroyed passed, and forced the ball twice. He has selected professional bowls in the rookie season.

There are 1 minute 44 seconds left in the first half, and the second gear will get 2 yards, and the three gears 1 yliman gets the first attack. A 10-yard-Len-Lane finds Hurio-Jones get 6 yards without an outfagle, the second gear 3 yards continue to get a 6 yard. One-speed 10 yardmart-Ryan was copied by Rativo! Rativo has entered a half, only 4 seconds left in the first half, and the Saint Choose 47 yards, but attacked to illegal array, the game time is directly exhausted. The first half ends with a very dramatic end.

“As far as I know, I think I will play all my best,” said Harva in Wednesday. “I don’t know how to attack a few gears. I have indeed participated in the complete training today. Get more training opportunities, many and starting lineups together opportunities. Just continue to do what is doing and continue to make me ready to prepare, so when the game When I arrive, I will make the coach decided. “

In Sammy Watkins, Sammy Watkins is still in the injury reserve list, Bill hopes that Harvin can bring flash performance for the team’s long attack. If Brandon Tate, Brandon Tate is unable to appear in the lower game, Harva may have a special group task.

After the start of safety, Nanolis Sercy (Norris Searcy) is urgently needed for this location after the brain shocks into the injury reserve. In the game of tigers last week, the performance of the security guards was not excellent, and the replacement became the starting of Colin-Jones, and even in the game, it was replaced by Rashaan Gaulden. .

Fangio said in an interview: “I do not know if we can make the most of fans attended the historically very good .cheap nfl jerseys from china & mdash; & mdash; long before we have to go to training university campus, because facilities are not perfect. . in the mid-eighties, when the work of the saints, we only have 80 yards of pasture next to no cafeteria, you have to go across the street to solve the greasy deli lunch. we often had to go to university campus training, because they have a cafeteria there classrooms, as well as dormitory. obtain a condition of these is to make fans to visit the training. “

According to the local public safety department, the preliminary survey shows that the extended sedan driven by Robertson is speeding over the rain, and there is thus slippery and stopped in the road. The rear truck is not as follows, with the collision, the lengthening the car is on the other side of the lane, and then collided with another car.

“Let the NFL has become America’s most popular alliance of many factors, one of which is to allow the public to watch a small factor in training. Some people could not afford to buy tickets, but they also have the players to get autographs, and favorite players shake hands or give them send antiperspirant with a chance gloves. and a multi-child interaction, will be more of a loyal football fans. TV commercials, banners may not have these effects. I think this is a good thing, and I will support the players. “

Robertson selection of the best lineup four times, and selection of professional bowls six times. In 1971, he was signed in the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round, and the Los Angeles was played in 111 games, and 25 cases were completed. The Rana 1973-78 won the national western championship for six consecutive years.


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