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Vic accepts the role of Smith team mentorMike Victor is now the first quarter of the New York Jet Technology. He served as a replacement in Philadelphia, which was in the Philadelphia Hawks last year. As a predecessor he made as much as possible. But this does not mean that Vic is not eager to return to the peak, and once again become the nightmare of the other party’s defensive coordinator. Although this opportunity is gradually becoming less, after all, he is 34 years old.

If Romo doesn’t have a game, the Subtock 4 points Brandon WEEDEN will start. Galert revealed that Vuitton has been working with the starting, and his characteristics are very suitable for the current offensive system of cowboy.

Tony Luo is doubtful, the team will continue to observeDallas Cowgirl is still concerned with the injury of Tony Romo, they can’t determine whether Romo will appear in this week’s game. Team coach Jason Garrett told reporters that the team will continue to monitor Romo’s physical condition, then announced that he is listed as “doubt.”

Houston Texas and Line Water Supply Nadrick – McKini ContinuedAccording to informed people, Houston Texas has signed a 5 million US dollar renewal contract with Benardrick McKinney, Benardrick McKinney. This contract consists of $ 21 million security income.

Oman Dora first issued 9 games last year, completed 62 battles, advanced 678 yards, reached once. These data can be compared to him when parses. Oman Dora wins the super bowl twice together with the patriots, and then signed two years with the dolphins, but in the spring of 2019.

The first time of the two teams this season, the New Orleans saints hit the black panther at home. Saints mainly quadruple Dalu Bris felt 465 yards in the battle battle and 4 times. At the same time, the Saint Kickshaw Wil-L卢z kicked a 52-yard shot in 11 seconds before the end of the game, successfully helped the saints to kill the black panther. Briscited 3 times again last week, the career has passed out 452 records, he also became the third after the end of Perton-Manning (539) and Bretff (508) At least 450 postal ball reached the quarterfield in the history of cheap nfl jerseys from china.

Steel people new Xiu Ran clear home Zhong Cliffland Brown ElementsBeijing May 12th, Pittsburgh Steel People, Justin Layne, was cleared in the Draft Night Guaranteed to clear all the Cleveland’s all and Cleveland Brown.

At that time, there was a rumor that this slot would go back to the patriot and Tom Brady to gather again, but he finally chose to show his hand in the lion. If Matthew Stafford can stay healthy, Oman Dora may also usher in better performance.

In this year’s break, Braien Gaine, General Manager, said McKini’s core position of the defensive group, but also praised his leadership and performance. After cutting the old brian cushing, Texas expect McKini to play a more important role in the 2018 season.

The amazing thing is Renne’s father to change the Brambold theme’s bathroom into a steel man’s theme and record its own decoration process on Instagram. In the video of Renne, Renne covered with yellow orange, and finally painted a huge steel man sign on the wall.

Carolina Black Panther faces the new Orleans Saints occupying a lot of psychological advantages, in the 9th confrontation of the two teams, the black panther won the 6 victories; in the Black Panther home, the saints are more lost Three games in the past four fields have fallen. Although it is said that the panther record has a thousand feet, Kam-Newton’s performance is still unable. He won the ball reached the ball and a running ball in last week. So far, Newton’s pass reachable (127) and the number of sports reachaes (47) are ranked first in the team history, and he is also the only one of these two data in all players. Players.

“Yes, Mr. Yes, there is a brown element everywhere, my father cleaned and changed new things & mdash; & mdash; indeed everything, each of the flags I have,” Rene, “Interview on Friday Friday Indicated. “So everything is done. We fully support steel people.”

I have been destined to have a routine game that has begun this week. The two teams now have theoretical hope. If the game, the Black Panther still can’t win, they will basically bid farewell to the playoffs this season. Last season, the National Union champion, this season is very likely that the season is not expected, in the case where the lineup has no big change, the rise and fall is so embarrassed.

The team originally hoped that Romo can gradually increase the proportion of training, but in the training of local time on Friday, Romo is still absent from a lot of training. This week, the opponent of Cowboy is Arizona, the team needs this star player to lead the offensive group to fight strong enemies. Galert said: “We will always observe and evaluate his situation, maybe you need to make a decision before you can make a decision. I hope that he can do something in today’s training, we still have about 48 hours time to see Can he return to the extent to which it is enough to participate in the competition.


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